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The Advantages of Paying for Monitored House Alarm Systems

So, you’ve been thinking about investing in one of the many house alarm systems currently on the market but during your research you’ve noticed that some alarm systems offer the option of being monitored for an additional monthly fee. The alarm retailers are of course singing the praises of a monitored system but you’re still wondering is it worth paying for.

Or in other words what advantages are offered by monitored house alarm systems?

Well the main advantage, obviously, is that house alarm systems with a monitoring package are monitored 24 hours a day. This means that should your house alarm be activated while you are away from your property, the monitoring company will know about it immediately and can inform either you or another key-holder by phone or text message. You can even pay extra with some packages and have the local police patrol as your ‘first to be informed’ so that they respond to an unexplained activation at the same time as you.

Of course if you are rarely away from your property for lengthy periods of time then this aspect of monitored house alarm systems is less important, but if you holiday regularly or you’re often sent on business trips then it can be the difference between a simple broken window and a completely empty house on your return.

Another good advantage of monitored systems is that their on-going maintenance is included in the price. You generally get an annual overhaul of your alarm system and free call outs and repairs if something goes wrong. But how do you know if your house alarm systems develop a fault?

Well this is another beneficial aspect of monitored packages because your monitoring company can detect a fault with your alarm system within hours, or even minutes, of it occurring. They then contact you to arrange a time for repair, often before you even realise there is anything wrong! Without monitoring you could have a defective alarm system for any length of time without even noticing, and then when you do notice and have it repaired you get presented with a lovely, large bill for your trouble.

Of course, monitored house alarm systems aren’t for everyone but they do ensure that your property is kept secure even when you aren’t there. Think for a minute how many house alarms you have heard going off in your neighbourhood only to ignore them or dismiss them as false alarms. This could potentially happen if your alarm is activated one day, but not if you choose a monitored package.


If you feel monitored house alarm systems are a definite consideration for your property then call Affinity One today on 08000 336 999 and talk to the people who know. 


Affinity One Security Solutions

Tel 08000 336 999 Specialist in Burglar

Alarms, CCTV and Security Solutions

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Security Solutions for the Eldely

Best Burglary Systems for the Elderly

We all know that members of the older generation tend to get a bit flustered when it comes to technological gadgets, so burglary systems with number keypads and entrance/exit codes are probably not the best choice available to them. Thankfully the revolution in technical gadgetry has meant that there are now new style burglary systems that don’t require the user to remember any numbers or words at all.

Key fob burglary systems

Key fob alarm systems are perfect for the older generation because all it takes to activate and deactivate the alarm system is a swipe of a special key fob. Each key fob is linked to a specific house alarm system and will only activate or deactivate the particular system they are linked with.

So, if two people live in a property then two key fobs can be linked to the alarm system. Alternatively additional key fobs can be linked and given to neighbours or relatives as extra security, just in case one of the original fobs gets lost. What’s more there are no identifying marks on the key fobs, which means if they are lost and then subsequently found by a stranger there is no way to find out the address of the alarm system they are linked with.

But key fob burglary systems aren’t the only way of helping the older generation to feel confident with their new technology.

Monitored burglary systems

Another type of burglary system that is ideal for older people is a monitored system. Monitored burglary systems are exactly what they say they are – alarm systems that are constantly monitored by an external company. This means that not only is the property owner informed when their house alarm is activated (or a designated key-holder if preferred), the alarm system is constantly monitored for faults and breakdowns that an older person might not notice.

Put the two burglary systems together and you have the perfect security solution for elderly relatives, people with limited sight and those who simply aren’t comfortable with lots of technology that they have to maintain and monitor themselves. In fact, a lot of people today would no doubt prefer to do nothing more than swipe a key fob as they leave the property and swipe it again when they return and know that their alarm system has successfully been activated. So in other words, key fob burglary systems really are suitable for any age group and any type of property.

For more information about the best burglary systems for your individual needs contact Affinity One on 08000 336 999 and see how they can help to make life that little bit easier and safer for you.


Affinity One Security Solutions

Tel 08000 336 999 Specialist in Burglar

Alarms, CCTV and Security Solutions 

Affinity One Security Solutions
Tel 08000 336 999 Specialist in Burglar

Children's presents taken in Basildon burglary

Children's Christmas presents have been taken in a burglary described by an Essex detective as one of the worst he has seen in his 29-year career.

The family arrived home in Basildon on Boxing Day evening to find breakfast cereal turned out on the floor and their 55" TV and Christmas gifts gone.

Police said the theft had "virtually wiped out their entire house".

Det Con Alex Gartshore said: "I feel so sorry for them. To take a Hornby train set from a child is heartless."

The break-in happened at Beeston Court between 17:00 and 21:00 GMT on 26 December.


Mr Gartshore added: "This is a very sad situation which has left a young family completely gutted and devastated.

In my 29 years' service, this is one of the worst, if not the worst, burglary I've had to deal with.

"It's bad to be burgled at any time of the year, but at Christmas it's even harder to take especially when your children's faces fall when they see their presents have been taken too.

"We hope people can empathise with this family when we say this whole house was turned upside down.

"To return home and find breakfast cereal packets opened and turned on the floor is heartbreaking."

Police have carried out forensic examination of the house and house-to-house inquiries and are now asking for witnesses to come forward.

Dc Gartshore added: "It is highly unusual to see someone walking down the street with a 55-inch television so if anyone did see someone doing so on this housing estate, then they are a key witness."

Alarms, CCTV and Security Solutions

Affinity One Security Solutions 08000 336 999 for all your Home or Commercial Burglar Alarm,CCTV,Door Entry or Security requirements



Affinity One Security Solutions

Tel 08000 336 999 Specialist in Burglar

Alarms, CCTV and Security Solutions

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a House Security System

A house security system is probably one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make for your home. Not only will it need to secure all of your personal possessions, it also has the job of securing your loved ones, and nothing is more important than that.

For this reason you need to get your choice of house security system right first time. But how do you avoid making a mistake if you aren’t an expert in the field?

Avoid buying cheap

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a house security system is to buy as cheap as possible. Yes, you can go to most DIY stores and buy a security alarm for a couple of hundred pounds, but will it offer the reliability that you need from your alarm system? Will it even cover all of the areas within your property?

Even some alarm installation companies offer ‘incredible’ deals for ‘limited’ amounts of time, but again, are you sure you are getting the security and peace of mind you’re paying for. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend a bit more and know you had a professionally fitted house security system that wasn’t installed on the cheap?

Avoid buying the wrong alarm

Not every home security system is suitable for every property and buying something completely unsuitable is an easy mistake to make. The quickest way to ensure you get the best house security system for your particular property is to have a free site survey done by a professional alarm installer. This will tell you exactly what your alarm system should consist of to make your property as secure as it possibly can be. If you’re unsure what you need get a professional to decide for you.

Avoid being talked into additional extras you don’t need

If you do decide to use the services of a professional alarm installation company then make sure they are reputable, so you don’t end up with an overly-expensive alarm system that you simply don’t need. If something is suggested, such as CCTV or a door entry system, and you can’t see how it would benefit you then ask your installer to explain their choice. If it’s a reputable company they will explain in detail but if it isn’t they will gloss over your questions and answer with generalities.

So, now you know broadly what to avoid when looking for a house security system for your home. Always keep in mind what the purpose of your new alarm will be and hopefully you shouldn’t make a costly mistake.

For more information about booking a free site survey for your property, contact Affinity One today on 08000 336 999 or click here to visit their website.


Affinity One Security Solutions

Tel 08000 336 999

Specialist in Burglar Alarms, CCTV and Security Solutions

Commercial Alarm Systems 

Whatever the size of your business, either a large or small business, you need to consider some kind of Intruder Alarm or CCTV Security System to protect your premises as it’s not just the theft that is bad enough but also the disruption – especially if your computers are stolen.  There are a number of ways your company can benefit from installing commercial alarm systems.  Owning and working in a company that is secure is not only beneficial for the safety of your company but also for your employees.  People may ask as to what exactly a Commercial Intruder Alarm System offers and the answer is that there are many areas of your business that can be easy to access and can be an open invitation to burglars.  Doors and windows are the priority areas checked and used by a burglar to enter.  If there are any Garage or Roller Shutter Doors they also can offer access to premises.  Fences, gates and barriers located around your premises should also be properly closed and locked.  Many roofs have vents and skylights that allow access to a burglar and should be locked and secured at all times.

The finest thing you will receive from the installation of a Commercial Business Intruder Alarm System will be secure protection of your premises, including property either inside or outside, and of course, your employees well being.  There is also the advantage of keeping the alarm system on in different areas during the day as well as after hours; you can control the access and egress to and from parts to the building as required on a daily basis.  The peace of mind that can be gained by installing a good security system can be very rewarding, satisfactory and save a lot of inconvenience.  One of the only methods of preventing burglars access to your premises is the use of security systems.  This includes any Burglar Alarm System either wired or wireless and, of course, CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring of the building.  The installation of an Intruder Alarm Security System in your company can be protecting you from loss of goods and damage to the property.

Most reputable Intruder and CCTV companies will put their signage into place when they install your system either in your home or business.  The signs on the Bell Boxes or stickers on the windows are a warning signal to the intruders, which will normally keep them away from your premises and move them on to a property that has no alarm installed.  Although the Bell Box or sticker in itself cannot prevent theft, the advertisement will show the intruder it may not be as worth the risk to gain access to your property.  Insurance Companies will often give discounts to the residential or commercial owners when they renew their insurance policy premiums once they have installed an Intruder Alarm or CCTV Security System.  Many situations prove that Security Systems are nothing less than essential and the use of such systems as Video Entry, Access Control or Burlar Alarm and CCTV Systems are the only reason why a burglar will not enter the premises.  By simply having a Security System installed, your building is already at less risk and gives you peace of mind.

With Video Recording Equipment, Surveillance CCTV Cameras and Intruder Alarm Detection are all items that produce the best security system for your premises.  These products are the only equipment you will need to use to fight the burglar and crime in your area.  Each will provide a different level of protection for your property.  There are many situations to take into consideration when deciding to purchase and install a Burglar Alarm, CCTV Security System in your home or business.  The security and confidence in your security system is paramount and all company employees should be provided with this.  Therefore, by installing an effective alarm system you as a business or residential owner are prioritising the safety and security of your premises.  When installing your Intruder Alarm System it is important to consider which will offer the highest level of protection.  Having an Intruder Alarm System or CCTV System shows you’re ready to prevent intruders and also stop the loss of property.  You not only benefit from the Intruder Alarm or CCTV System but so will your family at home, your customers, and your employees in your business.

Affinity One Security Solutions 08000 336 999 for all your Home or Commercial Burglar Alarm,CCTV,Door Entry or Security requirements


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